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Ventures is proud to bring Familias con Mas, Financial Literacy Workshops to San Benito County!

Help us spread the word to our community!

Familias con Mas - Eventbrite › familias-con-mas-123049

Financial knowledge and access to financial vehicles to build wealth and well-being are essential to ensure and facilitate economic stability. ​ Familias con Mas by Ventures:

We offer a series of free webinars where we discuss different topics regarding financial literacy. We are asking you our local partners to help us share this information with your program participants and share our social media events on your page. Your collaboration will help us promote program awareness in our community. I have included our upcoming local events for July and August threw Eventbrite, however we encourage you to follow us on or social media platforms to continue to stay in touch.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions or concerns.

We at Ventures look forward to our future collaboration.

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