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As a non-profit, Youth Recovery Connections aims to help those with opioid and other substance use disorders by providing intervention and prevention services. We provide a secure and supportive atmosphere for young people who are struggling with substance abuse-related problems. Our primary goal is to help youth recover and regain their independence and well-being by implementing a healthy and productive lifestyle by treating them as the whole person.



Youth Recovery Connections (YRC) is a non-profit organization established December 3rd 2021. Y.R.C.has an open door and offering intervention and prevention services for those suffering from opioid and other substance use disorders. Using a meet them where they are at approach, YRC offers an individualized and evidenced based approach focusing on the characteristics of the child or adolescent.


Adolescence is a time period with specific health and developmental needs. A successful transition from childhood into  adulthood can be difficult, even under the  best of circumstances. For the youth who have experienced any type of trauma associated with gang violence, substance  use, and/or familial issues, combined with a lack of guidance and support, can further  complicate the transition. Therefore, we  focus on developing protective factors,  

fostering healthy relationships and resilience, goal setting, and enhancing youth strengths. YRC  professionals come with life experience and are trained to help the youth and young adults with reaching their full potential.  By focusing on the developmental process, we understand that adolescents are by nature curious and prone to risk taking and questionable judgment. We know that most are trying to master separation and individuation, which many practice by challenging authority, rules, and restrictions. We here at YRC focus on strengths and assets, promote independent and healthy decision making, goal  setting and other life skills that will promote personal development as they enter adulthood


Reb Close MD w/ Monterey County Prescribe Safe

Santa Cruz SafeRX 

San Benito County Office of Education/ Alternative Education 

San Benito County Opioid Task Force 

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