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Community Health Worker

San Benito County, CA, USA

Job Type

Full-time, Part-time


$50,000 per year


  • Health Insurance

  • Dental Insurance

Summary and Objective

Community health worker (CHW) services are preventive health services to prevent disease, disability, and other health conditions or their progression; to prolong life; and promote physical and mental health. The Community Health Worker will help individuals and communities adopt healthy behaviors and will conduct outreach for medical personnel or health organizations to implement programs in the community that promote, maintain, and improve individual and community health. Community health workers may include individuals known by a variety of job titles, including community health representatives, navigators, and other non-licensed public health workers, including violence prevention professionals, with the qualifications specified below.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • None.


  • Connect to community resources necessary to promote a beneficiary’s health, address health care barriers, including connecting to medical translation/interpretation or transportation services, or address health-related social needs.

  • Identifies or contacts members of high-risk or otherwise targeted groups such as members of minority populations, low-income populations, pregnant women, and/or youth. Advises clients or community groups on issues related to improving general health such as substance abuse, overdose, diet or exercise.

  • CHW violence preventive services are evidence-based, trauma-informed, and culturally responsive preventive services provided by an individual qualified through any of the pathways listed below, for the purpose of reducing the incidence of violent injury or reinjury, trauma, and related harms and promoting trauma recovery, stabilization, and improved health outcomes.

  • Attends community meetings or health fairs to understand community issues or to build relationships with community members. Distributes flyers, brochures, or other informational or educational documents to inform members of a targeted community. Collects information from individuals to compile vital statistics about the general health of community members.

  • Advises clients or community groups on issues related to risk prevention (i.e. HIV), diagnostic screenings such as breast cancer screening, pap smears, glaucoma tests, or diabetes screenings. Performs basic diagnostic procedures such as blood pressure and blood sugar screening, COVID testing, and/or communicable disease screening.

  • Conducts home visits of youth/adult and their families referred through Substance Use Response Team (SURT) response and/or other high-risk individuals to monitor their progress or to assess their needs.

  • Transports or accompanies clients to scheduled health appointments or referral sites.

  • Advocates for individual or community health needs with government agencies or health service providers.

  • Assists families to apply for social services including Medicaid or Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). Interprets, translates, or provides cultural mediation related to health services or information for community members.

  • Conducts screening and assessment that does not require a license and that assists a beneficiary to connect to appropriate services to improve their health.

  • Provides individual support or advocacy that assists a beneficiary in preventing the onset or exacerbation of a health condition or preventing injury or violence.

  • Completes documentation capturing the dates and time/duration of services provided to beneficiaries. Documentation should also reflect information on the nature of the service provided and support the length of time spent with the patient that day.

  • Develops a written plan of care when a need for multiple or ongoing CHW services is identified. A written plan of care is required for continued CHW services after 12 units of care per beneficiary in a single year, with the exception of services provided in the Emergency Department.

Required Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of community health resources.

  • Understanding of general medical terminology and basic medical procedures.

  • Ability to effectively communicate with a diverse population and establish trust.

  • Effective active listening skills and social perceptiveness.

  • The ability to fluently read, write, and speak the Spanish language required. Trilingualism preferred.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in a healthcare-related field required.

  • Three to five years of related experience required.

Physical Requirements

  • Prolonged periods of sitting at a desk and working on a computer. May be required to stand for prolonged periods of time, climb stairs, and perform strenuous activity.

  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds at times.

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