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Wall of Fame

True success stories

We are proud to dedicate this page to those of who have made it through very tough times.

It takes more than just our efforts, it takes individuals who have worked very hard to make the decision

to overcome addiction.


Meet  - Aiden Fuller

"Youth Recovery Connections is   the most authentic organization   out there.  Micheal Salinas and   YRC have given me the tools to   live a healthy and sober life!


 4 months clean!"


- Aiden Fuller


Meet - Josue Alejandro Velasquez Aleman

With the help, guidance, and support

of YRC Josue Alejandro Velasquez Aleman

will be living out his dream of joining

the Air Force!


Congratulations Alejandro!



“Trust yourself that you can do it and get it.”

                                                                                        - Alejandro Velasquez


Meet - Joshua Belmontez 

"I am who I am today because of   what YRC has done for me. They   helped me to believe in myself and

 I became a believer"


“The sky is the limit don’t       underestimate yourself”


- Joshua Belmontez 

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